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[at-l] For Now

Now is the place that I am at present.  It includes a circus-like atmosphere 
with books to study, papers to write, songs to memorize, music to master, a 
dog to train, and a body that MAY be allowed to begin using a treadmill, a 
mountain climber, in addition to  the stationary bike after another couple of 
weeks of physical therapy.  Sitting here reading the multitude of messages 
that meet me every computer check has long been too much for my schedule, so 
I have a backlog that you would not believe.

Anyway, like the trail, if one just presses on, it will get done.  When I'm 
through reading all the messages that now sit before me, I'll subscribe 
again.  In the meantime I will be really grateful to hear from any of you who 
have personal messages, anytime.  You have my address.

Off do deal with my present . . . .

Sawnie Robertson
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