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RE: [at-l] Cell phone sense of security

They do  have a sense of safety for

while hiking with my fried on the PCT,
I have a cell phone in foam in tubberware. his heart valve started to

we called in a med unit which met us
at the trailhead.

He had a heart valve put in that very
night and I stayed by his bedside for
36 hours until he awoke.

My mug was the first thing he saw, and
it saved a life, my best friend's.

so, as one gets on it years, yes it
does add a safety feature that does
reduce the "risk factor" but for the
family at home, and friends, if nothing
else, I carry it for them.

and my brother's life was also saved
by a hiker with a cellphone, as he
crashed mountain biking down Killington
and was med vac off by helicopter.

His wife, daugther, son and yea me are
sure glad that hiker had a cell phone.

I still have a brother and my best friend. all thanks to that tiny cell
phone.  Your choice.

tom bear bells caggiano


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