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[at-l] Laurel Creek Lodge

I know that it's bordering on blasphemy to say anything against Kincora on this,
or any other AT list for that matter, but I wanted to drop a good word for
Laurel Creek Lodge for those of you getting ready to start out.

They are at Dennis Cove Road, the same as Kincora, and offer a quiet,
convenient, and hiker friendly place to stay that is a very different experience
from Kincora.

Not that there is anything wrong with Kincora, or that the Peoples are not great
folks cause they are, but for those of you who want to escape the mob of hikers
and relax, consider Laurel Creek. Mary and Dennis are a couple of the nicest
people I met on my hike.

It was the single best place I stayed on the trail. No kidding.

They have updated their services this year. You can read about what they offer
on their website at http://www.laurelcreeklodge.com.


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