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[at-l] HATT2000...

Hands Across The Trail 2000 (HATT2000 - Labor Day Weekend 2000) now has a
patch/logo design.  Please visit  http://friends.backcountry.net/hatt/  to
see the winner of our contest.  Barb Speelman had the winning design.  She
will be hiking  with her sister Nancy Sheperd - using trailnames "Thelma and
Louise" - in HATT Section 3B, Massie Gap north to Partnership Shelter.
PaddyBeer was kind enough to provide a Lynn Weldon Pack to Barb for winning
the logo contest...

There are 19 HATT2000 sections still un-filled, so visit the website and
sign up.  If the section that you would want to hike is filled, please feel
free to add your name to that section anyway.  The more the merrier...


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