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Re: [at-l] re: historical walks

On Sat, 18 Mar 2000 07:11:54 EST ATnavi@aol.com writes:
 THE whole concept of a marathon! :)  Plenty of history, if you can 
> avoid 
> being run over by insaniac Greek drivers...

On this continuing theme, there is a trail in the works over in Italy
that starts at the "the top of the boot",  threads its way through the
Appenines, and ends at the "toe"  Italy. If you grab a ferry (or if you
are an esp. strong swimmer. ;-D ), the trail continues in Sicily.

Now that is one trail that would have plenty of history and culture.
Roman ruins, 
medieval architecture,  be near some famous mountains. (aka Vesuvius). 
and plenty of delicious food when you come off the trail!!!

(And, if you stop by a small village called Guarcino that is not too far
from the proposed route, you can see some buildings that were made by a
young brickmason named Constantino Magnanti that are still standing.. :) 


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