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Re: [at-l] re: historical walks

Yah, but hiking there is rather different than on the AT. Not really any 
blazes to follow. YOu had better be good with ordinace maps as you try to 
follow the right-of-ways as the cris-cross farmers fields and the like.

There is a company called HF Holidays that organizes trips through 
Europe. They specialize in the UK and one of the things they do are 
long-distance hike on things like the Cambria Way. They essentially 
slackpack you from end to end. You get to hike inn-to-inn. They also run 
trips where you spend a week or two at a single place and day hike with 
knowledgable people. These are really inexpensive too: about $650 and the 
provide everything.

I could enjoy inn-to-inn hiking over there.

  ** Ken **

On 3/17/2000 9:58 AM Paul Magnanti pmags@juno.com wrote:

>On a more serious note, I recall a trail that parallels Hadrian's wall in 
>the U.K. See some fine Roman engineering, and get a spot of tea. :D

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