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[at-l] Latest ATN (was: Fundraising)

"Kenneth R. Knight" <krk@home.msen.com> wrote:
> ...but I still haven't gotten the latest ATN. 
> Grumble... I feel left out.

	It looks like there are several? many? who have yet to receive
it, including me.  I've been trying to call, using the toll-free no.,
all morning to ask Membership to send me one directly; but the line
hasn't been answered and clicks over to the answering machine.  When
I get home this afternoon, I'm going to call the regular number, if
the issue isn't in my mailbox.  They told me earlier in the week that they
*thought* all the issues are mailed out from the printer (in Kentucky) at
the same time.  I find that hard to believe, in this case.  
	I wonder if ATC needs to investigate.  I, for one, am not at all
happy about this.
	-- eArThworm

Linda L. Patton, Reference Librarian, Strozier Library, Florida State Univ.
      Tallahassee, FL 32306-2047 (850)644-5019 lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu
          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower
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