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Re: [at-l] A Very Special St. Patty's Day

Beautifully written, we all miss her!  Leapfrog

> Yes, Four Winds has arrived at Springer. There to wait patiently for the 
>  arrival of her daughter, Redhead.  Had her flesh not succumbed to the 
> ravages 
>  of cancer, today would have been the start of a wonderful mother-daughter 
>  thruhike we would all be celebrating now.  Though the mood is a bit more 
>  somber since Patty can only be there in spirit and Redhead has obligations 
> to 
>  family that prevent her from thruhiking this year, let us still celebrate 
> the 
>  dream of that hike.  Let us celebrate our good fortune in knowing Patty 
>  the Redhead.  Let us celebrate this new spirit that will reside at 
>  until Redhead begins her thruhike someday soon.  Let us celebrate the 
>  enormous heart and spirit of Trail Magic that resides within the Redhead, 
>  heritage from her Mom, Patty.  Let us celebrate that Redhead is still 
>  and will yet have many opportunities to hike the Trail.  Patty is waiting 
> and 
>  that mother-daughter hike will surely succeed.  And let us celebrate that 
>  joyous family spirit that has been passed on to Redhead's children, most 
>  notably in the most beautiful of hiker babes, dear Cassy.
>  Take a moment and smile, dear listers, for there now resides an angel on 
>  Springer Mountain, who will send you on your way full of hope.  An angel 
> with 
>  flaming red hair.  An angel named Patty, who arrived on St. Patty's Day!
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