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[at-l] feet

> , I can say very nice things About Resole America (is that where you 
>  had your shoes resoled Leapfrog?). 
Yep, that is where I had them resoled.  Speaking of feet, I also use a 
product called Traumeel, it is a homeopathic cream for sore anything.  I 
would rub it on my feet everynight and any of those hot spots felt great the 
next day.  Goose also showed me how you should get rid of the little internal 
blister that build up in the insoles of your feet by rubbing that area with a 
lot of pressure.  I can't repeat enough what I consider the most important 
physical thing to do on the trail is to take care of your feet.  After 
transcribing KC's journal last year, I know how devasted she was when she had 
to go off the trail because of trouble with her toe.  Not saying she wasn't 
taking care of her feet, but what a disappointment!  Good luck everyone with 
your hiking this year whether it be a section hike or thru, or an month long 
trek in Nepal.  (15 days and counting!  :))))

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