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Re: [at-l] itinerary of itinerant

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On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 20:03:21 -0800 ejbaker <ejbaker@sover.net> writes:
> Here 'tis the first edition of maildrop schedule.  Comments please-
> 3/30  Take off--yes am prob. doing the approach trail (what's 
> another day> of going up, anyway)

I've done it twice - not everyone has someone to drop them off at the
other road, and the taxi refused to take me there.  Said the road was too

> 1. 4/05  Hiawassee--prob. mailback point/pos. mail drop

Too far.  Figure on only carrying about 3-5 days food at a time, except
in the Smokies and Maine.  If you don't want to do many maildrops, then
do more in the south, but none in the middle states. From Troutville
north there are good stores. Before that, you can get by.

> 2. 4/13  Fontana NC > 3. 4/19  Passover stop 

Unless you are a trail runner, I wouldn't expect to make this kind of
mileage. Georgia is not easy. Lots of up and down.  Most people take 2
weeks or more to make Fontana. That would put you there for Passover -
which would be ok if the lodge is open. Or you could do the long hitch in
to Gatlinburg if you push it.

> 4. 5/02  Dennis Cove Tenn  OR  5/06 Damascus VA

That's averaging 17 mpd, including days off.  Are you in that kind of

Need more maildrops or grocery stops in Virginia.  

 5. 5/17  Pearisburg VA - has good grocery

 6. 5/31  Waynesboro VA - has good grocery
> 13. 8/08 Gorham NH
> 14. 8/15 Rangeley Me
> 15. 8/22 Monson Me

Two weeks for Maine?  I don't think so.   That's prime swimming country! 
It's also not that easy to do 20 miles a day there, especially in the
southern part of Maine.

Do you HAVE to hurry?  (i.e. getting back to school?) If not, SLOW DOWN. 
The trail is too much fun to hurry.   Start slower and get into the
rhythms. When the trail gets easier, then you can speed up to the 20 mile
days. Starting toofast is a good way to get injured or burned out.  Most
thruhikers' biggest regret after the trail is that they wish they had
spent more time enjoying the trail and less time being in a hurry.


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