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Re: [at-l] Thru-hiker film

100 speed slide film produces better results-- if you're carrying a SLR 
camera. Otherwise, YMMV, you takes your chances...these new lightweight point 
& shoots (like my Olympic Stylus) seem to *require* 400 speed film to 
compensate for the optics.

For slide film, Fuji tends to run heavy on blues and greens -- very nice for 
woodlands photography. Kodak is warm, heavy on reds and oranges -- good for 
people shots, indoor photography, rock formations, crystals, but not so good 
for the long green tunnel. I stick with Fuji most of the time, since most of 
my shots are outdoors. 

Cheers, Navigator 

Headed out to capture some wildflowers AND caverns tomorrow...with a Nikon 
FE-2 and Fuji Velvia. :)

In a message dated 03/16/2000 5:21:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
datto992@yahoo.com writes:

> Fuji, in my eye, is a slight bit more blue in tone (whereas Kodak
>  is a little more on the warm side).
>  Datto
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