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[at-l] External frame packs

My husband's backpack is about 25 years old and he contends that while it is 
in excellent condition (only a few holes), the fact that the waistbelt is 
merely webbing without any padding has led him to desire a new pack. YAY!!!!! 
His gear is frequently deplorable. (E-mail me privately so i can tell you 
what condition the tent was in before i threw it in the garbage....and the 
risk he took when he took it with us on a trip.)

Anyway, suggestions for a quality external frame pack that won't break the 
bank? Please let me know why you like the pack you've chosen. He wants to 
borrow mine for a canyoneering trip and it just looks odd on him (that is, of 
course, just jealousy that i'm not going on this all-male trip).

Second Chance
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