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[at-l] itinerary of itinerant

Here 'tis the first edition of maildrop schedule.  Comments please-

3/30  Take off--yes am prob. doing the approach trail (what's another day
of going up, anyway)

1. 4/05  Hiawassee--prob. mailback point/pos. mail drop
2. 4/13  Fontana NC
3. 4/19  Passover stop (bad wine and a matzah?) and mail drop SOMEWHERE
before Hot Springs for supplies--hey, anyone out there having a seder?
(I'm not a religious bloke but this is like Christmas--one always goes home
for the seder, this will be a first time away from any relatives)
4. 5/02  Dennis Cove Tenn  OR  5/06 Damascus VA
5. 5/17  Pearisburg VA
6. 5/31  Waynesboro VA
7. 6/8-10 Bears Den or Harper's Ferry VA
8. 6/19  Duncannon PA
9. 6/27  Delaware Water Gap (mom and dad visit)
10. 7/04 Bear Mtn NY (box with transport to VT for friend's party hopefully)
11. 7/19 Bennington VT(prob. transport/drop by friends in area)
12. 7/31 Glencliff pos. mail drop
13. 8/08 Gorham NH
14. 8/15 Rangeley Me
15. 8/22 Monson Me

* in NJ, NY and VT people are going to try to meet me with supplies (hah,
we'll see).

**I'm trying to put in many extra days to enjoy Griffith lake and hiking
with some friends towards the end so this schedule is right now def. a week
or two off, even if my estimation of my own mileage is correct.  I actually
don't want to do hike it quite so fast (am aiming for early September or
ANYTIME not on a holiday to end).

*** after NJ my massage therapist has promised to meet me at some
trailheads with his table.  He says he'll offer free sessions to any
thru-hikers around then. (sometimes it pays to live in NE).

Anyway, how do these maildrops look?

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