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[at-l] Thru-hiker film

I decided to go with 35mm slide film for my hike because to me,
the color seems to be richer when the shots, particularly outdoor
shots, are taken with slide film. Transfer of images to JPG
format would be via an HP flatbed scanner with the $20 slide
processor attachment (whenever I get back and get around to
buying an HP scanner).

The costs from B&H Photo (they have a web site) for 36 shot rolls
of 35mm Fuji 200 speed Sensia Slide Film with Fuji Processing
mailers was $7.08 per roll + about $12 shipping. I got 35 rolls
shipped to me and if it is delivered properly should work fine.

Kodak instead of Fuji would have been a little more than $2.00
more per roll.

Fuji, in my eye, is a slight bit more blue in tone (whereas Kodak
is a little more on the warm side).


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This exactly matches my experience, but I still like them:

- Gary from Fairfax

> ...but the last few
> pairs have had problems with the goretex liners rotting out long before
> the boot is finished otherwise.
> Ginny

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