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[at-l] Helicopter rescue question.....

There was an incident in 98 of a young lady in the Stratton area of VT 
suffering a GYN emergency while hiking, she was bleeding profusely and a 
helicopter was dispatched to fly her out to the medical center.  As most 
folks have indicated, helicopters are indicated when injuries or medical 
conditions are life-threatening.  Most "minor" injuries, including simple 
fractures can ususally be removed from the backcountry via ground.  If the 
victim is unconcious, has an open fracture (bone protruding through the 
skin), or uncontrollable bleeding they need medical attention ASAP and a helo 
rescue becomes more appropriate than trying to carry them out.  As always, 
all parties are considered....the safety of the evac crew and victims needs 
are weighed and the safest possible course of action taken.  Hope this helps,
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