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Re: [at-l] Helicopter rescue question (was Cell phones and safety (realistically))

I don't think I can contribute much to this question since the totality of
my experience was in the rescue at sea scenario.  However, I suspect that
there is some overlap so here goes...

Generally, all things considered including cost, the helo is usually the
more efficient vehicle for the _search_ function having the ability to cover
large amounts of area in a fraction of the time that other resources would
use.  When even the most benign problem has the capability of degenerating
into a life threatening situation with a turn of the weather or due to
exposure, it behooves the rescuers to locate the distressed target and
recover the victim(s) as quickly as possible.  Only the helicopter is able
to do that.

As far as pure _rescue_ goes, assuming we know location and condition of the
victims, a variety of factors will probably enter into the equation
including availability of helo resources, severity of injury, capability of
other rescue resources, hazards to the rescue personnel and so forth.

I don't think you will get a definitive answer to your question but perhaps
this brief overview can give you a glimpse of what the decision making
process entails.

Al (Draggin' Anchor)

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