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Re: [at-l] Re: Vasque Sundowners

How weired to hear everyone talk about the narrowfooted Vasque Sundowner!
I have a size 9 1/2 -10 foot depending on width (I've been walking, and
walking barefoot, and jumping up and down for hours on grass and wood
boards for years and my feet have jumped from size 8.5 to this in the last
10 years, hope they don't grow more)  and I have vasque sundowners because
I outgrew the very narrow merrill lasts about ten years ago as well.
Vasque makes the only shoe wide enough for my very wide feet.  The size 10
sundownder fits me perfectly.  I used to wear the clarion--nice fit but way
clunky--I fell even more than usual in those (need to be able to feel the
ground).  Since then I've bought a pair of lightweight hi-tech as well, and
have been living in Saucony sneakers (the only sneakers wide enough...).  I
guess my wide is (unbelievable but) somebody else's narrow!  Wow. a first
for everything (still remember being 12, sitting in a shoe store with mom
while the nasty bored shoe salesman stood in front of me intoning "gee,
you've got big feet, I don't think we have anything at all for feet as big
as yours").

At 10:13 PM 3/15/00 -0600, you wrote:
>The Shoe question!!!  Vasque Sundowners are definetly for narrow feet -
>hence - I love mine.  I had Vasque Skywalkers for 15 years before they
>gave in - of course I was just doin' the Indiana flat hills!  They don't
>make those anymore - so I tried the Sundowner - I have about 600 miles
>on them so far and they are my most comfortable shoe.  My husband, on
>the other hand - foot, special ordered a pair - size 14 and the gortex
>started buckling up, the eyelets where placed way too far apart and the
>toe space was non-existent!  Vasque was not too helpful in replacing or
>fixing them.  He now owns a pair of LL Bean boots - they come in 14 B -
>I understand the Clarion is for the wider foot.
>Good Luck!
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