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[at-l] Re: Vasque Sundowners

The Shoe question!!!  Vasque Sundowners are definetly for narrow feet -
hence - I love mine.  I had Vasque Skywalkers for 15 years before they
gave in - of course I was just doin' the Indiana flat hills!  They don't
make those anymore - so I tried the Sundowner - I have about 600 miles
on them so far and they are my most comfortable shoe.  My husband, on
the other hand - foot, special ordered a pair - size 14 and the gortex
started buckling up, the eyelets where placed way too far apart and the
toe space was non-existent!  Vasque was not too helpful in replacing or
fixing them.  He now owns a pair of LL Bean boots - they come in 14 B -

I understand the Clarion is for the wider foot.

Good Luck!


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