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Re: [at-l] Resupply in the Whites

Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
> Between these two is Rte 112 after the steep downhill from Mt Moosilauke. A
> hitchhike into North Woodstock is needed from either Franconia Notch or Rte
> 112. I would *not* reccomend staying at the Beaver Brook Shelter on the east
> side of Moosilauke. It's a DOC party site. Booze and bonfires. If you do have
> to stay, there's a nice tent spot behind the shelter. Great view of the
> upcoming Whites out the front of the shelter.
> enjoy :O)

That view really was one of the best on the trail. I had lunch there and then
hiked on to the next shelter. Strange section of trail after Rte 112 -
definately not what the profile showed.

I stayed at the hostel in Glencliff and really screamed over Moosilauke the next
day. It was a very strange day for me, with a long lunch, a long break at the
notch and a, ah, well, shall we say "exposure" in the falls coming down the
mountain. I took a bath, not realizing that I was only 100 yards from the
parking lot.
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