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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

Larry G Galyen wrote:

> I got to thiniking more about the technology stuff on the trail.  Why do
> we condemn some gadgets like palmpilots, cell phones, and GPS and not
> others like radios, walkman's etc..

I am not so crazy about radios, walkman's etc. But each to his own. Please
keep the volume on your radio, walkman etc down in the woods. Without
headphones, off is good. For this purpose, I would consider a shelter to be
'in the woods'.

> When the purist come to a place like
> Neals Gap do they use the electronic device called the telephone.

When I am using a telephone at a trail town, I am not deep in the woods. I
have little problem with phones in towns - only in the woods. Most shelters,
again please note, are in the woods.

> When they check into a motel, do they turn on the electronic device called
> television?

For myself, no. Most television sucks. Might curl up with a book.

> Folks we live in a technology age we might as well get used
> to it.

I am used to it. Make my living with it. But not on the AT.

> Why tear a person to shreds because they want to do something
> different that someone else.

I see little reason to ever tear a person to shreds. Messy. Rude. But keep
your technology in its place, please.

> If we don't want to allow freedom, go to China and hike.
> Plodder

I've often thought that the PRC had a potential gold mine in the Great Wall
Trail (GWT, as in GWT-L - Milt and Ryan take note). Wouldn't even need to
blaze it. Wall towers could serve as shelters. Readily available Ramen

- Gary from Fairfax, always free, as in "Sic Semper Tyrannis"

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