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Re: [at-l] Pinhoti Trail in Alabama


I hiked about 40 miles of it several years ago, and I also helped construct
part of the Pinhoti that extends northward toward Georgia.  My main memory
of hiking the trail was that it was not well marked in places and a bit

Here are a few links that might give you some more information on the
Pinhoti and possibly some contacts regarding shuttles.

M. Lee Van Horn has developed a neat online Pinhoti Trail Guide that is
intended to be suppplemented by the trail maps.  He's done a good job, and
that link is below.  He has also developed a Hiking Alabama website that
includes other trails and links.  He estimates the current length of the
Pinhoti at 111 miles, 8 of which has been constructed north of Talladega
National Forest.

http://public.surfree.com/fountain/pinhoti/pinhotiI.htm (Pinhoti Trail
http://public.surfree.com/fountain/alabama.htm (Hiking Alabama)
http://www.alabamatrails.com/ Alabama Trails Association (Group building the
Pinhoti in Alabama) 
http://sport.al.com/sport/atca  Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama
(Reportedly active on the Pinhoti as well)
Take Care,

Tim Rich
Kennesaw, GA

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:06:59 -0800 (PST), Nina Baxley wrote:

>  Has anyone on this list ever hiked the Pinhoti Trail
>  in Alabama? How long is it now, does anyone know? The
>  Forest Service packet I got says "98.6 miles," but I
>  think the Alabama Trails Association has added a few
>  miles to it since that was published.
>  I'm thinking about hiking this trail later this
>  spring, and would appreciate input from anyone who has
>  hiked it before--or who lives nearby it and wouldn't
>  mind shuttling me. :-)
>  Thanks!
>  Nina
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