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[at-l] RE: Hearing aid/deaf hikers

I use hearing aids.  Though I have a lot of denial on needing them.  I enjoy
hiking with them and without them.  Silence is sometimes wonderful.  I never
use them while hiking in the rain or in freezing weather.  A wide brim hat
is a good idea for glasses, I wear them also, but not that good for hearing
aids in windy rainy, foggy conditions.  I use a plastic match case to
protect mine.  Match cases are strong enough to avoid being crushed in your
pack. The 35mm film containers work but they can pop open if crushed. The
match case has plenty of room for both hearing aids and spare batteries.  I
added some of the fuzzy stuff out of pill bottles to the case for padding.
Dry your hearing aids before storage.  Also dry the match case with the top
off in the sun to get the moisture out of it.  Adding a moisture absorber to
the case is something I have thought about doing.

Btw. Do hearing aids come under the no hi-tech equipment on the trails rule?
The backcountry experience must be ruined when you hear that whistling noise
that hearing aids produce. I'm just kidding everybody.

Beau Bushor N1MJD
    "bleeder guy"

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