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Re: [at-l] Spring hiking on Mt. Greylock

Eric wrote:
>Hi, this is my first message here and I would like to ask if anyone 
>knows a source for information concerning the trail conditions for 
>Mt. Greylock. I want to do some spring hiking, but it would be nice 
>to know ahead of time what to expect. Thanks for any help, Eric

That would be me, I guess...

Eric, welcome to the list, you picked a great time to join!

The best bet for up to date trail conditions is to call the AMC 
visitor's center at 413-443-0011.  Right now (considered spring by 
some) the trails are mostly snow and ice covered.  I would recommend 
at least carrying instep crampons.  The snow is not particularly 
deep, especially on the more popular trails, but it has been 
compacted to a glassy sheen in spots.

Over the next couple of weeks it will slowly (from bottom to top) 
change from ice to mud--a good time to stay away, hiking on mud over 
still frozen ground is bad for the footbed.

By the end of April, things are generally OK, and then the blackflies 
start to hatch...



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