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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

You missed the point. The condemnation is for the people using these items. 
(Sort of like the old argument that guns don't kill people -- People kill 

The whole issue is bogus, as anyone using battery equipment very much 
learns of the limits of battery life, humidity, fragility, and weight. 
Perhaps we will get to the point of a rain proof computer that is part of 
our clothing or backpack, that takes dictation, and videotapes the entire 
hike. Perhaps we will also see those rare souls who venture out with 
bookbags and shower curtains yet still enjoy their summits.

I'd rather go hike than argue these issues. But if some company wants to 
give me a laptop for my section hike journals, I'll be very happy to reduce 
their inventory!

Atlanta, GA

At 09:56 PM 3/14/2000, Larry G Galyen wrote:
>I got to thiniking more about the technology stuff on the trail.  Why do
>we condemn some gadgets like palmpilots, cell phones, and GPS and not
>others like radios, walkman's etc.

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