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[at-l] Resupply in the Whites

> Ok, I just looked at my hiking schedule, and noticed that I think I'm
> doing like a TWO-WEEK stretch through the Whites without resupplying...

Glencliff NH - of course you will get a maildrop here - make sure it
includes your cold weather clothing (that you sent home at Damascus) - AND
pay attention to the Post Office hours (7am-10am & 2pm-5pm M-F, 7am-1pm

Franconia Notch - after passing under the interstate you will come to a
paved path - the AT heads left - you want to go 0.7 miles down the path to
the Flume parking lot - find the payphone with a phonebook and call a taxi -
these taxis are "one-price-go-anywhere" ($10 bucks maybe) - so go to the
Post Office (North Woodstock 03262) and return...

Pinkham Notch Visitors Center holds UPS packages mailed to:  AMC Visitors
Center, c/o Front Desk, NH Route 16, Gorham NH 03581 - as always, indicate
somewhere on the package:  Please hold for Appalachian Trail hiker - and
show an estimated date of arrival - AND personalize your package with nifty
little kid-like stickers (frogs, shamrocks, mooning cows) so that the staff
can find it quickly...

Glencliff to Franconia - 25.8 miles
Franconia to Pinkham - 53.7 miles


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