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Re: [at-l] Vasque Sundowners, Clarion, Sportiva Storm GTX

Leapfrog's praise of her Sundowners reminded me that I nelgected to say 
that I've never had a blister with mine either. I've had infrequent hot 
spots, but they've never gone beyond that. Admittedly some of that is 
simple care of the feet. I I feel something coming I'll take time to 
check it out and put moleskin (I guess Compeed is better these days, 
right?) on. But, I've rarely had to even do that.

Also, I can say very nice things About Resole America (is that where you 
had your shoes resoled Leapfrog?). They've worked on mine and my Mom's 
Sundowners are the results have been superb for the paultry fees they 
charge.  They're on the web.

  ** Ken **

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