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Re: [at-l] Updates- on 2000 ThruHikers

Neel's Gap has had around 400 Thru Hikers so far.

I've trail angeled and met the following:
3/5 at Low Gap
Escargo from Beaufort, SC
Zulu from Annapolis, MD
Sarge aka Clink from Fayetteville, NC
Jason from Raleigh, NC
Vienna from Kansas City (knows Jim Damico)
Rick from Columbia, MO
3/10 in Hiawassee
Grumpy and Chris from Lancaster, PA
Dave from one end of CT
Seth from the other end of CT
(never met each other until on the AT)
3/12 hiking to Blue Mountain Shelter
Leapfrog from Providence, RI
Giggles from Columbia, MD
Little Bear from Warwick, NY
Mushroom from VT
Bombadil from VT
Pen from VT
(yes they were together)
Chris from WI
Brad from MI
and at the shelter, Moses a 72 year old thru hiker
3/13 on the way to Tray Mountain Shelter
Adam from Dallas and Birmingham
(picked him up in Hiawassee and dropped him off at Dick's Creek)
and at Tray Mountain Shelter
Pointman from NJ
Mr Bean from NJ
(saw Giggles, Leapfrog and Little Bear again)
Bill from Chapel Hill, NC
Butterfly from ME
Eventually from Richmond, VA
Crispy from Va Beach, VA
Elverson from Buck Co PA
Rebecca from NJ
Deanna from NJ
and Duke Newcomb from Mobile (has a journal on TP)

Weather here in No Ga has been warm until this past weekend when the
mountains took on a "silverback" look with frost and temps in the low
twenties.  Right now in the mid twenties at the coldest and around 60 during
the day.  Rain expected Wed late or Thurs day.  And it will get colder
again -- like pushing 50 instead of 60 and nights surely in the upper

I've given away loads of cookies and put paperbacks in shelters and cleaned
out all three shelters I visited.

Hikers are doing well and few plan to hitch back to Trail Days this year --
but hope to be there next year.


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