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Re: [at-l] Hearing aid/deaf hikers


No direct experience, but I wonder if you haven't just discovered yet another
reason to wear a broad rimmed hat.  They have lots of advantages:

1. they keep the sun off your ears, neck, and receeding hairline
   (well, maybe not YOUR receeding hairline!)
2. they keep the rain off your glasses (or at least my glasses)
3. you keep DEET off your face (you can spray the underside)
4. they cushion your head when you walk into low hanging branches
5. they keep deerflies out of your hair
6. they keep inchworms out of your face (if you tilt your head forward)
7. you can soak them on a hot day and keep cool
8. on a cold day they help keep you warm
9. they make you look like you're from "down under"

And.... (drumroll)... #10....

10) they keep your hearing aids dry!

I've always wanted ten good reasons to wear a wide brimmed hat.  Thank you!

-- Jim

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