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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

I got to thiniking more about the technology stuff on the trail.  Why do
we condemn some gadgets like palmpilots, cell phones, and GPS and not
others like radios, walkman's etc.  When the purist come to a place like
Neals Gap do they use the electronic device called the telephone.  When
they check into a motel, do they turn on the electronic device called
television?  Folks we live in a technology age we might as well get used
to it.  Why tear a person to shreds because they want to do something
different that someone else.  If we don't want to allow freedom, go to
China and hike.

> <snip>
> >Before moving on to the real subject at hand, I'll site a couple of
> examples
> >of why technology is not the issue here.
> <bigger snip>
> >On the other hand if the crowded trails are not your thing, you are 
> invited
> >to take the road less traveled.

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