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Re: [at-l] storage space

In a message dated 03/14/2000 7:07:39 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jimandginnyo@juno.com writes:

<< .i have a 750 sq. ft apartment with a good amount of stuff 
 > (bed,2 
 > couches,entertaiment center,30" tv,dining set,2 book cases,bedroom 
 > furniture,endtables,and a bunch of smaller stuff)...what would the 
 > monthly 
 > cost be for a storage unit ???? >>

You should also look at storage costs vs replacement costs. You may find it 
is more expensive to store bookcases, etc than it would be to replace them 
when you arrive at your post-hike destination. Plus, if you are planning on 
moving, figure in the pre and post hike moves and the accompanying 
transportation (movers, uhauls, wear and tear on friends).

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