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[at-l] Mail Sent in Care of Mountain Mama's

On February 28 I sent a card, etc., Priority Mail ($3.20) to Kimber and Cesar 
c/o Mountain Mama's Kuntry Store.  Unfortunately, during their overnight stay 
there, Mountain Mama's did not mention the letter, and Kimber forgot to ask.  
When they got to Hot Springs, Kimber and Cesar called Mountain Mama's to ask 
them to forward it to them at Erwin.  As you know, all the people at Mountain 
Mama's had to do was write the forwarding address on the envelope and send it 
along with their mail.  It was already paid for.

Instead, Mountain Mama's said that they don't forward mail.  So, today, March 
14, I received back the card, etc., that I sent them.  The post office had 
stamped "Unclaimed" on the outside.  Since it was returned, my $3.50 doesn't 
permit its being forwarded on to somewhere on down the trail.   I guess this 
is okay because, after all, the people at Mountain Mama's  are doing us a 
service to allow us to have things sent there even though we are going to be 
paying guests.  But I do not like it.

So, I write this as a warning to those who are using Mountain Mama's  for a 
maildrop.  Apparently they are willing to do business when you are standing 
there, but once you are gone, they aren't willing to do such a simple 
courtesy.  Be sure to ask for any mail as well as your maildrop if you expect 
anything to be sent to you there.

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