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RE: [at-l] Sleeping Bags

> "S Johnstone" <sgj@bright.net> 03/14/00 12:20AM >>>
> HELP!!!   I need a new sleeping bag.  My old one weights 4# 2
> oz. and does not come close to keeping me warm, no matter
> what kind of liner I put in it.  I froze every night at the
> gathering this year.  Today I bought a new
> North Face Cat Walk, weights in at 2# 8oz. on my trusty home
> scale and is
> rated at 20 degrees. Thought my frozen sleepless nights was
> over.  WRONG  I tried sleeping in it tonight in the back of
> my van with the windows open to simulate a AT shelter.  Used
> my z-rest pad and wore my long johns just like I was hiking.
> The temp outside is in the upper 20's with a light breeze. I
> WAS COLD !!!  Came inside when I started to shiver.  So does
> anyone know of a good WARM light weight bag that won't break
> my pocket book???
> Dreaming of warm trail nights

First of all the problem may or may not be the bag. It could be YOU, it
could be what you EAT, it could be how MUCH you eat. You seem to have tried
several bags but don't say which ones. Were you cold in ALL of them? What is
the temperature in your house that you feel most comfortable at?

I speak from experience, I have an extremely high metabolism. I can eat two
hikers dinners by myself, help  a third clean his plate too, then scarf down
two or three candy bars and STILL be cold by midnight...

I carry a sleeping bag rated for AT LEAST twenty degrees colder than I
expect it to get and then in the winter I carry a silk liner for back up as
well as my thermals! So far I have been very happy with the TNF Blue Kazoo
down to about 20 degrees with a liner. I just bought a TNF Superlight but
haven't yet got it down below forty yet. I will say that at forty I had to
keep it OPEN until about midnight though!

Lee I Joe

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