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[at-l] talkin trash

I learned this from Judo.
It applies here.

The principle of maximum efficiency, when applied to the perfecting of
social life, just as when applied to the coordination of mind and body in
the science of attack and defense, demands first of all order and harmony
among its members. This can only be attained through mutual aid and
concessions, leading to mutual welfare and benefit.

Jigoro Kano 1932

Don't be a drunken fool (everybody will remember you) even when you don't
have clear recognition of the events. (been there done that)
Don't sweat small sh*t like drunks and computers. (done that too)

I'm suprised that some folks ever made it to Katahdin with the heavy
attitudes that they are carrying. I guess lightweight travel isn't for
And I suppose that there are things that even the trail can't teach

Good hiking to all...



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