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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bags

1) North Face and Integral Designs are my current picks for sleeping bag companies. Very fine, and SOME very lightweight products from both.
2) Take your North Face Cat Walk experience as reliable, and subtract 5-10 degrees to any temperature ratings (from *any* manufacturer) on bags which look like likely candidates.
3) Consider, rather than a new bag, trying the NF Cat Walk with some of your liners, before you go and buy another entirely new bag.
4) And of course, LET US KNOW WHAT YOU PICK!!!.
5) Are people who number their paragraphs a little too anal?
6) Sloetoe
7) Hypernumeracist.

>>> "S Johnstone" <sgj@bright.net> 03/14/00 12:20AM >>>
HELP!!!   I need a new sleeping bag.  My old one weights 4# 2 oz. and does not come close to keeping me warm, no matter what kind of liner I put in it.  I froze every night at the gathering this year.  Today I bought a new
North Face Cat Walk, weights in at 2# 8oz. on my trusty home scale and is
rated at 20 degrees. Thought my frozen sleepless nights was over.  WRONG  I tried sleeping in it tonight in the back of my van with the windows open to simulate a AT shelter.  Used my z-rest pad and wore my long johns just like I was hiking.  The temp outside is in the upper 20's with a light breeze. I WAS COLD !!!  Came inside when I started to shiver.  So does anyone know of a good WARM light weight bag that won't break my pocket book???
Dreaming of warm trail nights

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