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Re: [at-l] What If the Corporate World ran your thru-hike?

This just in from Engineering!

>>> Datto <datto992@yahoo.com> 03/14/00 11:33AM >>>
What if the Corporate World ran your thru-hike?
Human Resources Department: "You left the policy manual at
home...for God's sake why??"
Accounting Department: "...and as you can see from the chart on
Page 3 labeled 'Northbound', this is where the cost of Compeed
intersected the line labeled 'Budget' at a place called Hawk
Mountain Shelter. I think I can speak for the entire company when
we call this completed thru-hike a resounding success."

Engineering Department:
"Upon intensive review, Engineering has found a persistent pattern of inefficient routing decisions in the path-breaking, clearing, and blazing (PBCB) of the designated National Scenic Trail. Foremost among these routing errors is the passage of the designated path over the top of even the most minor promontories, when to even the most unadjusted eye, the route could be made to pass from some Point A to an equally likely Point B with minimal net change in elevation. This pattern was found to be repeated 228 times, segments measured mutually exclusive, meeting the PUDs criteria*...USDA 204 PUDS 14-11-2(a...g)..."

Information Technology Department:



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