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[at-l] Good wallpaper

Just checked out "Single Malt's site"  which was mentioned in a previous
post.  His pictures are big enough to save as wallpaper and he has several
that are excellent for this.  I particularly like his shots on McAfee Knob
and the picture of the cow "mooning" the photographer.

His site is located at: http://users.erols.com/johndsc/welcome.htm

I also have about five pictures on my site which make good wallpaper.  Check
it out at:  http://www.oc.edu/staff/phil.heffington

I personally like my picture overlooking the Nolichucky River near Erwin,
TN.  I think this is one of the most taken pictures along the AT, second
only to those shot at McAfee Knob (not counting, of course, those shot at
the sign at Katahdin).

For newcomers to computers, while viewing a picture just right click your
mouse to "set as wallpaper" and you will have a pretty screensaver if the
picture is large enough to cover the whole screen.
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