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Re: [at-l] Vasque Sundowners, Clarion, Sportiva Storm GTX

In a message dated 03/14/2000 12:27:56 PM EDT, gmeek@mciworld.com writes:

<< I am thinking about buying one of these, which were favorably commented in
 Backpacker. Have any of you listers had bad experience with any of them
 (i.e., falling apart after 500 miles)? >>

I used Vasque Sundowners on a yo-yo AT hike. Got the first pair at Ablington, 
VA. (Damascus) Replaced them at Rutland, VT. Replaced the 2nd pair at 
Waynesboro, VA. Vasque replaced them at no charge. 

They are a nice boot. But, they run on the narrow side. If buying these, wear 
the socks you plan on using on your hikes. 

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