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[at-l] Clean up at The Place

Okay - now that the money phase is over (and I'll let John O tell you JUST 
how much we raised as a group, because it was more than we thought - a lot of 
people donated straight to The Place) we need some warm bodies to pitch in 
with some manual labor.  They are looking for a clean-up crew the weekend of 
April 1st. (I see the April Fools jokes coming already)  If anyone is close 
enough to drive in for the weekend, we can turn it into a mini-ruck cleanup 
event.  They will supply all the cleaning gear (only us hikers would call 
cleaning supplies "gear" I guess <g>) and we would supply all the elbow 

If anyone is interested in joining us for the weekend, please let either John 
O or myself know.  The people at the Place need to know soon if they will 
have enough people.  They are anxious to open up to hikers.  Come on!  It'll 
be fun :)

The Redhead
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