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Re: [at-l] Trash talk

At 01:20 PM 3/13/00 -0800, Jack Tarlin wrote:
>    This being said, I regret that it ever got to the point that we had to 
> tell several members of our party to settle down---this absolutely 
> shouldn't have happened.  But when it did---when inappropriate behavior 
> took place, other hikers immediately put an
>end to it.

This is very good to hear.  I'm glad the restaurant guy is still willing to 
take hiker
money.  And I hope the other diners have had enough positive hiker encounters
to out weigh this bad incident.  That's what it takes really.....a history 
of good
encounters to balance the occasional blip.  We should all take that to 
heart and
remember that when we first come to a new town or to a shelter (or even an 
A wise hiker checks out the lay of the land, kicks in where he can, gets to 
the flavor of the month....maybe even bonds a bit before he starts 

Friends on the trail or anywhere will absorb the hard edges of another friend.
Grant them some slack.....especially in this awful time when, like me, most of
us really feel we should be about 100 miles north of Springer.  I guess you can
see where this is going Jack.  I 'm publicly asking you to tone it down a 
as I have previously, privately.

It's not like we don't have experience with that peculiar passion that 
seems to grow
in a hiker with each completed thru. (Personally, I think it's a hitherto 
unknown side
effect of Vit I combined with iodine and I think the Surgeon General ought 
to look
into it <VVVBG>).

  We have the Ogre Owen <ducking and running> who I am proud to call my 
And Wild Wildbill who is not appreciated for his ability to find any URL 
known to
man but because he bothers to!  He kicks in..contributes.....not only to 
the knowledge
but to the fun!!!

That's the deal....  the fun!
I mean what else would keep a list like this healthy for so many 
years?  Each year
newbees come and hopefully learn something and teach what they know.
And in the mean time, have a helluva lot of fun.  Maybe there is not much 
we can
teach you Jack.  I'm sure there is alot you could teach many of us.  But 
you come
in here with guns blazing.....making it clear you have no real desire to be 
a part of this
community.....Do you only want to pontificate and berate?  I gotta ask, 
Jack, what is
your agenda here?

You ask a legitimate question....(a good thing)..... how do we feel about 
then jump all over the one "un-named" lister who says something you don't 
agree with.
I have to believe that if you had wanted to, you could have made your point 
personalizing the issue (a bad thing).  You have attacked us as a group and now
singularly and somepeople fight back.  Are you really surprised?

You have said that people's personal animosity against you have made some of
us unwilling to hear the truth in what you say.  Since I don't know you 
except by
reputation, for me,  it's your attitude that sits wrong.    Jeesh 
Jack.....you don't know
Feelix, but we do.  I can remember but one other time when he made a
post that was even slightly critical.  He may be guilty of bad punnery from 
to time but that's about it.  That to me is a good measure of your effect 
riling up Feelix, a known PEACEMAKER, takes some doing.

Can you just tone it down a notch?  Give us a chance to get to know you 
build up enough POSITIVE  encounters to outweigh an occasional lecture?
Just askin'...........

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