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Re: [at-l] shuttles

Are you flying into Gainesville or Atlanta? Assuming Atlanta, anything that 
gets you out of that airport ASAP is worthwhile. The prices for those 
shuttles $50 or $85 are probably within range. There are no buses to 
Springer. The Amtrak from Atlanta to Gainesville is about $12 but leaves 
around 7:30PM.

Personally, I'd opt for the $85 shuttle and go up Ga 400, get the driver to 
give you 30 minutes at the North Georgia Outlet and cruise TNF surplus 
store. and nearby grocery and fuel sources.

Good luck and enjoy!


At 11:03 PM 3/13/2000, ejbaker wrote:
>         I can catch a ride with the Benton McKaye shuttle guys (50 bucks 
> donated
>to the trail) but it means hanging out for about 4 hrs in Gainsville since
>my plane comes in mid-day.  I, as of tonight, reserve a ride with Wes
>Wisson from the airport to the park for 85.00.  Do either sound like sane
>alternatives?  Should I just walk?  Or hitch?  Or take buses?  Or does
>getting a ride straight from the plane to the park sound worth the money to
>all of you who have done it (got to call back soon if I want to reserve,
>Wisson says he's very booked up).  As someone who tends to ride public
>transportation, bike or walk whenever possible, I'm not real sure about
>this.  But then again, could be a very good idea to have someone with car
>ready at the station.

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