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[at-l] Wearable Computer

So you want a wearable computer? You can get one from Hammacher Schlemmer, 
only $9995
LOL :-)


The Wearable Computer 

This fully-functional PC is worn on the belt, wrist and head, and 
combines powerful processing, data manipulation and application 
operation. Comfortable to wear, each component weighs under two pounds. 
The CPU has the power of a 233 MHz Pentium® MMX processor, boosted by 
128 MB of RAM and a 4.3 GB hard drive. Connection ports for USB, headset 
display, power cable, mini port replicator and video and PCMCIA cards 
that allow for Internet access (cards not included). Comes with two port 
replicators which allow for other peripherals. 640 x 480 color VGA 
monitor. Boom microphone attached to the headset earphone — voice 
recognition software allows for hands-free operation. A video camera 
attachment (included) may be attached to headset. Monitor display, video 
camera and earphone/microphone can be adjusted for right or left side 
use. With micro keyboard, 11" desktop keyboard, rechargeable lithium-ion 
battery pack, black nylon belt, full vest, adjustable cable sheath, 
high-impact carrying case, extra lithium ion bat extra lithium ion 
battery and battery charger. Specify Windows 98 or NT. CPU dimensions: 2 
1/2" H x 4 1/2" W x 7 1/2" L. Display cord 44"; keyboard cord 58". (CPU 
- 1.9 lbs.; head-mounted display - 1 lb.; battery - 1 lb.)

Item 13748 Price $9995 

© 1999 Hammacher Schlemmer & Co., Inc. 
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