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[at-l] Re: trash talk

I really am ashamed that i did not post this when I first read the comment
about Baltimore Jack.  I cannot say that I know Baltimore jack that well but
I would like to mention some of the encounters MA and I had with him last

MA and I  met Baltimore Jack a number of times during our hike last year.
Our first meeting was was at groundhog creek shelter in NC and was kinda
scary. He arrived while we were alone at the shelter. It was after a rain
shower and he arrived soaking wet, with long messy hair. His t-shirt was
torn and dirty, and he carried carried a sheathed knife hanging across his
crotch. He immediately lit a cigarette (but stayed far from us to smoke it).
He is the guy who was always helping people. He lent me a bike in
hotsprings to go find accomodations. He greeted MA, FOODBAG  and I when we
arrived cold and wet at Kincora Hostel.  He gave us a guided tour of the
place, all the time speaking highly of the owners, and then heated and
served us the leftovers from a big breakfast he had served to everyone that
morning. That same day he collected $5 from the willing hikers to buy
groceries and then proceeded to make a fantastic meal, which included a
gigantic salad, BBQ chicken and pork, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. I
have read a few online journals and found out he did this on a number of
successive nights. He was always offering advice on  places to stay or on a
little known campsite ,etc.  He went out of his way
to be respectful to MA and I and was concerned when we had problems. He
helped out Bob with trail maintenance while he stayed at kincora, etc, etc.
I know he is
opinionated and I dont always agree with him, but I find him to be a very
intelligent, kind
person, and I genuinely believe him when he says he is only looking for some
fairness and courtesy.

For those who are interested, there is a picture of Baltimore Jack cooking
food at a frat house in Hanover at Singlemalt's web site.  The web site is

BTW i read something from Jack a few months ago where he said to please
shoot him if he was seen at Springer again this year. Well now he is
dropping hints that he may be out there again. Hmmmmm.


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