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[at-l] Sleeping Bags

HELP!!!   I need a new sleeping bag.  My old one weights 4# 2 oz. and does
not come close to keeping me warm, no matter what kind of liner I put in
it.  I froze every night at the gathering this year.  Today I bought a new
North Face Cat Walk, weights in at 2# 8oz. on my trusty home scale and is
rated at 20 degrees. Thought my frozen sleepless nights was over.  WRONG  I
tried sleeping in it tonight in the back of my van with the windows open to
simulate a AT shelter.  Used my z-rest pad and wore my long johns just like
I was hiking.  The temp outside is in the upper 20's with a light breeze. 
I WAS COLD !!!  Came inside when I started to shiver.  So does anyone know
of a good WARM light weight bag that won't break my pocket book???
Dreaming of warm trail nights
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