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Re: [at-l] Tuscarora Trail

There was an article in the Atlanta Paper a few Sundays ago about the old 
marker on Mt Oglethorpe. I has been vandalized, shot up, and fenced off for 
many years. The folks in Jasper (I believe) decided to get the monument, 
and found a sculptor to repair and rebuild the marker for their town 
square. I will look a great deal different to those who started their hikes 
with it, but who doesn't look different now?

Atlanta, GA

At 06:31 PM 3/13/2000, Gary Ticknor wrote:
>Right! What I should have said is that Mt. Oglethorpe was the southern end of
>the Blue Ridge, as opposed to Springer, which is where the two divided 
>wings of
>the Blue Ridge re-unite after separating south of Roanoke. Thanks.

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