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Re: [at-l] Updates

Agreed. I'd love to have the opportunity to bail out before Neel's Gap.

Hey, that's exactly what I did on my pitiful initial section hike last 
year! Packed too much stuff and hitched home from Woody Gap. I am so glad I 
got back on within a few days.

Someone advised (on this list) to take 3 weeks to get to Fontana. I suspect 
that was some of the sagest advice available. It takes time to get over the 
early trail anxieties and to get real trail legs.

Atlanta, GA

At 06:10 PM 3/13/2000, Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
><< attrition so far, she says, has been fantasticly high  people dropping
>like flies  and this before she's even out of Georgia.  >>
>One of the TrailPlace journalists dropped out after 30 miles.
>Decided it just wasn't for him.
>At least he tried!

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