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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail: weapons

I agree with this. I wasn't advocating carrying weapons. Unless you 
really know what you are doing nothing is served by carrying one and as 
you note traiining is an ongoing process.

I'd rather buy that lottery ticket. I've purchased one in my entire life 
and that was only when a jackpot was ridiculously large a couple years 
ago (didn't win anything).

  ** Ken **

On 3/13/2000 11:56 AM Wisperlight miller84@matrix.newpaltz.edu wrote:

>even a bokken is lethal if used right.  i am sure you can kill someone with
>a leki if you had to. but the question is why do you need such things. and
>what odd situation would you need to be in to use such force you are better
>off buying a single lottery ticket i think.   and i think all of these
>things woudl jsut PI$$ @FF a black bear.  so they seem usely and heavy in
>the woods. unless you are going to train with them and training is that
>important you even need to do it in the woods.
>if at all costs run away and be ready to run another day.

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