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Re: [at-l] Re: Light Pollution on the AT

I had the good fortune of being able to see the galaxy a number of times 
along the trail (Wayah Bald, Stratton Mt in VT, Gorham, NH and more), but 
Daicey was memorable in that I failed miserably in trying to point out the 
little smudge in the sky to a bunch of other tired thruhikers planning on 
summitting K the next day.  :-)  Cassiopiea's not bad, but it's really hard 
to describe the legs of Pegasus without a chart and that's the best way I 
can tell to describe the location of Andromeda.

Aside from along the AT, I've also seen it from Paria Canyon, AZ, the 
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, and other random places around New England - even 
as close as 45 minutes from Boston.

Stitches, GAME99

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> > With memories of the Andromeda galaxy, clearly visible to the naked eye
> > Daicey Pond campsite the night before summiting Katahdin...
>And, in North America, what a rare memory to treasure ....
>How many others have seen, unaided, this jewel? And where?
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