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[at-l] Weekend hike on Alegheny Trail

Hi Gang,

	I went hiking this past weekend on the ALT again. This time I hiked the
disconnected 21 mile portion that runs along Peters mountain and ends on
the AT. There is a gap of maybe 30 miles between this section and
Interstate 64 near White Sulpher Springs where the ALT resumes and
continues to PA.
	Any way I spent Friday night in the Hawk Mountain Raptor Observatory.
This is actually a fire tower. The view is fantastic from the tower!!!!
After a mild thunderstorm I woke up to a fog covered everything Saturday
morning. The rain held up a bit and I headed toward the AT 12 miles
away. It was a very pleasant walk along the ridge top mostly on an old
road bed. It drizzeled rain on and off all day. I reached the AT and
headed north to Pine Swamp Branch Shelter a couple of miles down the
mountain. I arrived around 15:00 in the afternoon and a heavy down pour
of rain started just after I was inside the shelter.
	Since I had plenty of time I had a cup of coffee and built a fire in
the inside fireplace. Pine Swamp Branch is a William Trimpi memorial
shelter made of stone with a nice fireplace located in the center of the
back wall. I saw lots of familiar names in the register. I saw where
Skeeter signed in at the end of his ALT thru hike. I saw Woodelf's
entry, his first night out on his Pearisburg to Roanoke winter hike.
Also last fall the shelter was visited by , The Weather Carrot and Karma
Sutra doing trail work. And don't forget a famous trail angel
extradinair, Fanny Pack had been there helping out the southbounders.
Speaking of trail angels I thought I saw Pittsburgh in his van on my way
home Sunday! That van was a welcome site in Maine several times last
September. Well let's see also saw David Achtel's entry, he thru hiked
the ALT a bit after Skeeter did. I saw lots of AT thru hiker names that
looked familiar too!. Like That Guy, Tuesday Night Norm,....
	Sunday morning I awoke to a snow covered ground and much colder
temperatures. The walk back along the ridge line offered little
protection from the 25 degree windy day. I stopped in the Hawk mnt
Observatory again to admire the ice covered view. Then got in my truck
and headed to Paint Bank General Store for pizza mmmm.
	If I can get 27 more miles in this month I will be back on schedule:-D.
Meanwhile I just loaded my dehydrator with 10# of mixed veggies, 1# of
mushrooms, and 4 big white onions. The house smells great. The blue
berry pie just came out of the oven. The last load of cloths is in the
dryer. Almost finished with these day to day tasks that interfere with
my hiking time.

chase AT99
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