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[at-l] Getting ready... (and a gear list)

Well race fans,

I'm happy to report that I am starting to wrap everything up here and I will
be leaving for Springer on Thursday morning.  I've got a site up to track my
progress, space courtesy of Ryan, so you can read along without having to do
battle with Sponger, the pop-up ad that never dies.

Keep your eye on http://friends.backcountry.net/tomj/, it's got some stuff
now, but I'll be keeping a journal up there too.

I suppose I'll pass along a gear list too, with hopes (fears?) of some
tuckerization.  I'm still looking for something waterproof for my hands that
won't tear up with the hiking poles (tried those disposable paint gloves and
latex, they both tore).  I'm also still mulling whether to take the new
esbit or the trusty whisperlight, so anyone with some feedback on either
would be welcomed.

If anyone has any last minute weight suggestions, be happy to hear them.  (I
tried attaching helium balloons last night for negative weight.  Didn't do
much good, but I think it would make for a nice picture.)

I'll be taking a Nomad if it shows up (Kurt said tuesday... :) otherwise
I'll be starting with the old NF slickrock.  Add a few pounds for that

Right now I'm running about 25 with no food/water.  I could shave a few with
the Esbit, and I'm probably going to add a few for a book (those awesome
dover paperbacks) and a repair kit (not listed).


Equipment	Type				Weight (in oz)
Pack		Arc'Teryx Bora 65		91
Pack Cover	Arc'Teryx			7

Tent		Nomad Lite			38
Cold Bag	SD Wild Bill (long)	60
Mattress	Staytek Ultralight full length (in stuff)	26

Stove		MSR Whisperlight		13
Spoon	plastic (trendy gray)		0.5
Fuel Bottle	11 oz. MSR (full)		12
Pot	"MSR 1.5L,lid,handle, stuff"	14.5

Compass	plastic			1
Hiking poles	Leki Makalu AS(weight irr)	0
Small pack towel				4

Water bottles	(2) Nalgene 32 oz	8
Water bag	MSR Dromlite 2L		4
Water Filter 	MSR Mninworks (w/ sm rpr kit)	16
Backup	Polar pure			3.5

Headlight	Petzel Micro		5
"Ziplock pictures, cred card, ID"	1
"Net bag with toothbrush, small tooth paste, soap (liq)"		4.5
2 bandannas					2
Small candle (2)				1
Walkman	Sony				5.5
Camera	Cannon Elph 2		6.5
Knife	Spider Ladybug			0
Can opener	T-38				0
Insulated mug	"Campmor (with cool, splashy logo), and msr coffee filter"	6.5
Socks	"Thorlo Trekkers/Coolmax line (3 carried, 1 worn - weight for 3)"	19.5
TP	in freezer ziplock	5
Lighter and wp matches		1
First Aid	"whistle, 2 sheet moleskin, small scissor, 2 safety pin, 2 pkts
betadine, chapstick, ibuprofen, vitamins"	4
Books	companion and data book	11.5
Maps and guidebook	first set	11
journal	notepad and pen	5.5
50 ft lt nylon cord		3
duct tape		1

Total		392oz		24.5 lbs

Worn & Carried
Boots	Clarion GTX
Gaiters	OR Low Gaiters	4.5
pants	(1) Duofold Thermax	8
long underwear shirt	Duofold Thermax (2)	17.5
running tights	"1 long, 2 short"	10
Warm top	MEC fleece	15
Rain top	MEC Helios Gore-Tex	19
Rain pants	Campmor ($20 ones)	8
Winter Hat	100% Acrylic (and brightly colored)	2.5
Shorts	Umbro (2)	5
Baseball hat	worn constantly	0
gloves	fleece (200 wt)	2
waterproof mittens	undecided
Total carried		10+oz or so

Stove 2	Esbit (with 6 tabs)	6

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