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Re: [at-l] Re: Light Pollution on the AT

> And, in North America, what a rare memory to treasure ....
> How many others have seen, unaided, this jewel? And where?

that maybe and many more wonderous things once spending the night in a car
in Big Bend national park (in Texas) on the side of the road in the middle
of no where. that was the best pee i have ever taken.(or leaven as it may
be) also the only pee that took an hour.  i just could not bring my self to
go back inside.

<now thinking fondly of that ill fated trip with my father so much stupid
stuff happened. like the small town i will never forget being stranded 40
miles north of .. van horn. we did not mean to sleep in the desert that
night either. that was another error on a diffrent day though>

Wisperlight the Polar Bear

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